Rowing Machine Reviews for 2019

A good rowing machine is one that is affordable and works to improves your cardiovascular functions while increasing aerobic and muscular power. It can also be an excellent cure for various health issues, such as hemorrhoids, back pain or blood pressure. While some rowing machines may be specific to sports-related functions, the best is the one that rolls up all these functions in one package that is affordable, durable and easy to work with. This rowing machine review seeks to give a panoramic view of the rowing machines that have been in the industry. Starting with the first ever rowing machine in 1975 to the latest innovations, the rowing machine review will be handy for both professional fitness instructors and everyone who is either in a fitness program or wants to enroll on one.

First on the list, Concept 2 rowing machine is the most famous brand in the industry. Many rowing machine reviews have accredited it world class status. Having been around for more than forty years (since 1975), it has the highest customer usage. It was started by a group of people who were speculative of an Olympics rowing team that would use the machine in there training. Model A was born at this time out of bicycle rims and other parts. Later models were improvements of the first with emphasis on flexibility, strength and durability.
Concept 2 models are indoor rowing machines which beat others of their kind in popularity. They are the best in cardiovascular exercises.

The Model D and E are specifically built to last long. Their design is such that the whole body is rested comfortably on a 96 inches length, 24-inches wide and a 14-20 inches height chair. The legs in model D are made of aluminium while those of model E are out of welded steel. The enormous space the machines occupy (8×2 feet) should not worry you in storage as they can be folded in the joints to cover less storage space. When it comes to weight, Concept 2 is a fete. 65 pounds on the scale (the steel accounts for this weight). But that is again not a bother considering the benefits of a durable package. You can monitor your fitness standard with these machines and increase massively in racing and other games. Model E comes with a special feature PM4 monitor standard that can link to other machines to improve the racing efficiency.

Second in this rowing machine review is the Stamina Body Trac Glider which has its main focus on muscular tonation. It is smaller in size and its weight is almost half of the Concept 2 machines. You will expect electronic monitoring showing the number of calories burnt, the workout time as well as the number of rows made. If your goal is muscular retention and stamina, the Body Trac Glider cannot fail you. It is ideal for body building as it focuses on all the muscle groups including legs, arms, back and abdomen. Unlike the Concept 2 8×2 feet space coverage, this machine only takes 4×2.5 feet and even less space in storage.

Most rowing machine reviews have given respect to the Lifescore LCR 100 as the best in tech-savvy and this review is not an exception. One cannot overlook a heart-rate ‘teller’ machine that will monitor one’s heart rate and consequently adjust resistance levels as per one’s heart rate level. It is the best for aerobics, with both air and magnetic resistance. It is ergonomic and will suite a whole range of fitness enthusiasts including athletes, military and gymnastics. The Lifescore LCR 100 normally uses a 4 c batter. It can also be plugged in to an AC system.

If you are looking for elegant comfort while working out, the Schwinn Windrigger has it all. Borrowing its design from the popular AirDyne excercise bike, this noiseless rowing machine has a state-of-the-art fanwheel system. The fanwheel blows cool air to the rower who sits on a recumbent chair that is strategic in a two-position incline rail. It has quiet smooth movements that increase the comfort and fun of working with it.

The water resitance brands are specifically credible in sport-speficity. In this rowing machine review, the Water Rower machine is given this merit. Coming in four types, the Natural, Club, Oxbridge and Classic, these machines give the ultimate rowing machine experience. The engineering concept here is having a water tank from which you pull hence water resistance. Unlike other rowing machines, this range comes in wood designs. Cherry wood is the primary wood for its permeability, durability and hardiness. It is sourced from replenishable forests and comes in different colours and finishing as per customer preferences.