Top Rowing machine brands

It is important to know the best rowing machine brands, after all, you would love to buy one that will keep serving your workout needs for a long time without having to replace it or spend any money on repairs. Good brands only produce quality machines that are reliable and complete with useful functions and features to make your experience of using them better. To help you make an informed choice in your purchase of rowing machines, outlined below are some of the renowned rowing machine brands worth taking a closer look at. This review are taken from

  1. Concept 2

Since its inception back in 1976, the reputation of this brand precedes it whenever there is talk of rowing machines anywhere. They are known as one of the leaders of quality rowing machines in the market thanks to years of faultless production. Concept2 machines can be found in most gyms, health clubs and universities around the world, something that further proves just how reliable and trusted they are in the market. If you really want a machine that will serve you well with minimal maintenance for years, then a concept2 rowing machine it is.

  1. LifeCore Fitness

This California based brand has been in the business of making quality machines since the late 1990s. They are also known for their great quality elliptical cross-trainers and exercise bikes. Thanks to their investment in innovation, one would recognize the use of technology by just taking a look at their rowing machines which come with numerous features and functions. For individuals who love gadgets and the high-tech stuff, then this is the machine to get.

  1. WaterRower 

This brand is known for its great-looking machines since it was founded in 1988. The beautifully made wood used to make most of its rowing machines is striking and the company is also known as a pioneer in using water to create that resistance mechanism. Their machine models are specifically known for that impressive and distinctive “whoosh” when rowing. More models from this brand have been produced and it is now possible to find both domestic and commercial machines. Their machines are also made from other materials apart from wood and they are still equally striking to look at. In the end, the rowing machines are not only striking to look at but they are also of great quality and functionality.

  1. Body Craft 

Having been in the market since 1994, this distinctive brand has been known for the production of quality and affordable exercise equipment in the fitness market. Apart from rowing machines, they are also known for the production of a range of home gyms, recumbent and spinning bikes and free weights. Their innovative designs combined with quality, best describe their machines. It is definitely a brand worth considering when purchasing a rowing machine.

  1. First Degree Fitness

As its name suggests they are definitely pretty close to making the most advanced rowing machines in the world. They are known for the production of machines with fluid technology which combine robustness and simplicity. They have various great models in the market both for commercial and home use. After taking a look at some of the various models, there will be no doubt that this brand produces only fine machines.

  1. Kettler 

This is a German brand that has been in existence since 1949. Apart from great quality rowing machines, they are also known for the production of quality exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills. Most of their rowing machine models are built to last even when they lack the hi-tech features common with other brands. If you want a simple machine that will serve you for many years, then a Kettler model will do.

There are more rowing machine brands out there but the above ones should get you started in your quest for the best rowing machine brands.